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Medicine’s New Frontier 10/01/2014

There is increasing activity involving research into how the brain works. The knowledge we gain as this research proceeds will have significant implications for medical device design and development. The latest news on this front is from Lawrence Livermore National […]

The Essence of Design 09/24/2014

Industrial design is not about products. It’s about visual information. The job of the designer is to provide the user with information that they understand, organized in a way that makes interacting with the product intuitive, executed in a manner […]

Medical Device Design to Prevent the Spread of Disease 09/11/2014

Via MedCity News,  we learn that the World Health Organization is set to mandate the use of auto-disabling syringes. This is going to have an enormous impact on global health (as well as being a boon to syringe makers). The […]

Mind to Mind Communication 09/10/2014

During the past several years, there has been a significant amount of research conducted on brain/computer interfaces. I have written about several programs that are seeking to enable computers and mechanical systems to be controlled by thought alone. The latest […]

FDA Guidance on Devices Intended for Home Use 09/03/2014

On August 5, 2014, the FDA published guidance regarding the design of medical devices intended for use in the home . I have written on many occasions how medical devices initially designed for use in hospitals and clinics are now being […]

Designing “Cool” 08/27/2014

An interesting article in talks about social science research into what makes one thing seem “cool” and a similar thing not. Cool is a perception, not an inherent quality. It’s established in a very social process wherein a society’s trend […]

Doctors and Data 08/20/2014

Personal fitness trackers are the rage right now. One of the hopes for these types of devices is that the data will be able to be used by physicians to keep their patients healthy. But will the data generated be […]

High Design vs Good Design 08/18/2014

A recent article in the New York Times was about how Apple uses some Picasso lithographs to illustrate to their employees how simple design is created. Simple – meaning no frills – design is the basis of the Apple design […]

Another Advantage of 3D Printing 08/12/2014

3D printing’s greatest advantage is in the flexibility it allows in part design – parts with undercuts and zero draft can be manufactured. A newly developed technique might give 3D printing another advantage: integrally combining multiple metal materials in the […]

Why 3D Printing Deserves its Hype 08/05/2014

3-dimensional printing is one of the current big trends. You can now buy a 3D printer in some big-box stores and use it to print things in your home – toys, coffee cups, and whatever else you want to put […]