Sanitizing Robotic Surgical Instruments 11/30/2016

A recent study performed by researchers in Japan has revealed that instruments used in robotic surgery are very difficult to decontaminate. The complexity of the instruments prevents cleaning and sterilization mechanisms from reaching all areas of the instrument. The instruments are not designed to allow disassembly to clean the interior of lumens. As a result, protein […]

Robotics in Medicine 11/16/2016

Robotics is moving into the medical sphere in a big way. Beyond surgery, robotic devices are going be developed to aid in many medical tasks and procedures. This story from MedGadget is about a robotic device developed at the Fraunhofer Institute that makes positioning for a needle biopsy much easier, accurate and efficient. I can […]

FDA Guidelines for Medical Device Calibration 11/01/2016

Guest post by Edward Simpson, RS Calibration, Inc. In biotech, biopharma and medical device industries, regular calibration is an important part of the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) approval process. Comparing measurements from a test device against a known reference or standard helps reduce measurement uncertainty and errors, bringing instruments within an accepted accuracy […]

Selling Solutions along with Devices 10/27/2016

Large med tech companies are offering education and training in support of their device products. We are at the beginning stages of a change whereby companies are considering how they can add value beyond simply offering a better device. Leading edge companies are looking at the entire ecosystem in which their products exist, and what […]

Driverless Cars and Automated Medicine 10/19/2016

Automation is coming to disrupt everyone’s lives. It’s predicted that soon, driverless vehicles will render the truck driving profession obsolete. Many other industries will be affected as well, including medicine. What might this new world look like, and how will we adapt to it? The impact on employment is obvious and will be massive. When […]

Making Better Team Decisions 10/11/2016

Medical device design is a collaborative process. That necessitates meetings with development team members to report on progress, discuss alternatives and solve problems. Group interactions can often spark great ideas via the interplay of the different perspectives and thinking that individual members bring to the group. Meetings can also be highly dysfunctional and a gigantic […]

Innovative Suturing Device 10/03/2016

Mellon Medical has developed a device that cuts suturing time in half. Their device is a great example of how re-thinking a problem can lead to revolutionary innovation. From the Mellon website: “Classical suturing is a complex process and takes a long time to learn. Focus is on getting control over the needle. Surgeons using […]

Personalizing Healthcare 09/20/2016

So Humana is using data they collect on their insureds to group them by “personas” as a means to tailor care in a more personalized manner. Personas are not new. They are used all the time in sales and marketing to help companies position their products in ways that will best appeal to people with […]

Heart Defibrillation Using Light 09/14/2016

Many recent technological advances in medicine and in other areas have been achieved by harnessing light in some manner. I have written on a number of occasions how I believe that this century’s innovations will be driven by finding new ways to control and apply light energy. The most recent news on this front comes […]

Needle Free Medical Device 09/13/2016

We all know that one person, the one who gets squeamish around needles and blood. They see the needle or the blood being drawn, and their face just goes pale while their eyes get huge. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t like needle going inside me anymore than the next person. My arm veins […]