The Shape of Things to Come 06/30/2016

Medgadget reports that Healcerion, a South Korean company, has developed a portable ultrasound device that is no bigger than the transducer itself. It couples wirelessly to a tablet or smartphone. According to the report, the device isn’t meant to replace large ultrasound machines, but to allow ultrasound technology to be used in situations in which the […]

Soft Robots 06/24/2016

Vacuum-actuated muscle-inspired pneumatic structures. VAMPs. Developed at Harvard University and being adapted for commercial use by Soft Robotics, Inc., VAMP’s use vacuum instead of pressure to actuate a flexible body and cause it to contract. The action is likened to the way the biceps muscle works. This is a unique approach that carries a number of […]

Disrupting the Healthcare System 06/15/2016

A recent report that I noticed on the MedGadget website reveals how innovative companies are disrupting the healthcare system. The Trak male fertility testing system is a device that can be used at home to test sperm count. It has received FDA clearance. The product page claims that, after 500 hours of testing and clinical […]

Surgery’s Future 06/09/2016

Back in 2015, I wrote about where surgical technology is headed. New evidence to support that prediction comes from The story is about tiny, origami-like robots, folded in ice. When the ice capsule is ingested, the ice melts and the device unfolds, whereupon it can be propelled and manipulated by external magnetic force. This […]

3D Printing Heart Stents 06/01/2016

Guest post by Ronan Ye. The Heart of the Matter People come in all sizes and so do their heart arteries. Many doctors wish they could have custom fitted stents for their heart surgery patients. Currently, heart surgeons only have small, medium, and large heart stents to place in an artery. With rapid prototyping and manufacturing of custom […]

More on 3D Printing Medical Devices 05/18/2016

3D printing has been a hot topic for the past several years, with the cost of printers coming down dramatically, to the point where they are becoming a consumer item. Aside from its use for prototyping parts, 3D printing medical devices remains a novelty. Lately, however, there have been some developments with the technology that […]

The Agile Manifesto 05/02/2016

The Agile Manifesto is a story about software development, but its philosophy holds lessons that can apply to medical device design. The Agile Manifesto grew out of frustration with the “waterfall” model of development: 1) Establish requirements 2) Design 3) Implement 4) Verify 5) Maintain Reliance on this model resulted in a lot of attention […]

Therapeutic Touch 04/26/2016

Our sense of touch is a powerful emotional communicator. A gentle stroke, a punch, a pinch, a slap, a pat, a hand held on another’s shoulder – all of these register deeply within us. When we’re anxious or upset, simply being held is universally calming and reassuring. In medicine, the healing power of touch offers […]

Powered by Light 04/19/2016

My prediction that this century is going to be powered by light gets more credence with today’s big story in Wired magazine about Magic Leap. The webs are a-buzz with takes on the Wired article. If you don’t know, Magic Leap is a company that is working on delivering MR – “Mixed Reality”. Their technology […]

3D Printing Medical Devices 04/18/2016

There are beginning to be some meaningful advances in 3D printing that could make it the preferred manufacturing method for many medical devices. This report from the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany announces an additive manufacturing technique that allows multiple materials to be printed to form a single part. Fraunhofer has developed a way to create […]