The Cost of Healthcare 02/03/2016

The cost of healthcare was the big focus at the JP Morgan 2016 healthcare conference held in January in San Francisco. Attended by all of the major healthcare providers, it’s a window into what is going to shape the healthcare sector in 2016. According to reporting from Becker’s Hospital Review, these were the 10 topics […]

Med Device Design and the Maker Movement 01/27/2016

Med device design is typically done by companies with significant resources. Capital, design and engineering talent, and infrastructure to comply with regulatory requirements are typical of what it takes to move from idea to viable product in the medical space. The need for that foundation will not be changing any time soon. What is changing, […]

A Disturbing Color Trend 01/20/2016

I’ve noticed that a number of new medical products that have recently come out are employing a significant amount of black as the color for trim components and accents, and in some cases for the majority of the housing itself. From a patient’s perspective, this is not a good thing. Black is a good color […]

The Future of Sensing Technology 01/14/2016

Implantable biosensors are the future of sensing technology.  Not only will they be implantable, but they will be able to be placed in the body in a minimally invasive manner via injection. The Profusa company will be introducing an injectable oxygen sensor. One key to the technology is that it is built within a hydrogel scaffold. The […]

Future Medical Devices 01/06/2016

I’ve touted our current century as being the century of light . The latest evidence for this prediction comes from in a story about optoelectronic microprocessors. Using light to transmit data requires a lot less energy than using electricity. The reduced power requirements make optoelectronic chips an attractive field for applied research. Researchers at a […]

Stretchable Medical Devices 12/17/2015

Flexible electronics are the wave of the future. And combining flexible electronics with soft, pliant hydrogel material is going to transform medical product design. From MedGadget, we learn that researchers at MIT are developing hydrogel materials and incorporating sensors and drug delivery mechanisms into them. The key here is the flexible nature of the hydrogel, […]

The Next Buzz 12/03/2015

Patient Generated Health Data. Or, PGHD. We will be hearing more and more about this in the coming years. According to the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC),  “Patient-generated health data (PGHD) are health-related data created, recorded, or gathered by or from patients (or family members or other caregivers) to help address […]

Software-Defined Batteries 11/17/2015

I have written before about the fact that the lack of advancement in battery technology is a prime constraint in medical device design. A new approach developed by Microsoft researchers might enable some progress in this area. Via an article in MIT Technology Review: today’s batteries typically have a particular chemical design that defines its […]

Bionics 11/13/2015

My November 3rd post was about how technology initially intended to help disabled persons regain physical function was being extended to provide able-bodied individuals with augmented strength and endurance. Prosthetics that enable the human body to surpass its inherent limitations are tools that we are going to see more and more of. Another example is […]

Devices That Augment Human Capabilities 11/03/2015

One of the trends we’ve seen coming is the use of prosthetics to augment human abilities. MedGadget has a report on one of the newer developments in this area – an unpowered exoskeleton designed to allow industrial workers to hold heavy tools for long periods of time. There have been a number of stories in […]