Build Your Own Medical Wearable 01/20/2017

You can now build your very own, customized medical wearable device. A company out of Scotland, Glasgow Neuro Ltd., is offering all of the individual components you need, along with a bio-amplifier that communicates to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. Dr. Bernd Porr, has been instrumental in educating the public, via a series of […]

Graphene Gyroid Geometry 01/11/2017

Researchers have been trying to get graphene to behave as a 3D material for some time. Their work might have finally paid off, but not in the way expected. Graphene is one of the strongest materials that exists. It is also light weight and has electrical properties that could give it advantages in many functional […]

Gamification Theory 01/04/2017

A recent story about Reflexion Health’s Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation Assistant (VERA) points to the continuing progress that is being made in moving medical care out of the hospital and into the home. That trend has been underway for some time, and I think it will accelerate in the years ahead. With the continuing pressure on reducing […]

Are Wearables at an Inflection Point? 12/21/2016

Wearable devices that can tell you such things as how many steps you’ve taken in a day, or what your heart rate is have become fairly common. There are many devices out there, and consumers have embraced them. But most of these devices are limited in what they can do. For many people who try […]

Thought-controlled Machines 12/15/2016

I have written in the past about how we will be able to control machines using our thoughts alone. Advances in research into our ability to do so seem to be coming more frequently. The latest is news from MedGadget, out of the University of Minnesota. A team there has been able to employ non-invasive […]

Sanitizing Robotic Surgical Instruments 11/30/2016

A recent study performed by researchers in Japan has revealed that instruments used in robotic surgery are very difficult to decontaminate. The complexity of the instruments prevents cleaning and sterilization mechanisms from reaching all areas of the instrument. The instruments are not designed to allow disassembly to clean the interior of lumens. As a result, protein […]

Robotics in Medicine 11/16/2016

Robotics is moving into the medical sphere in a big way. Beyond surgery, robotic devices are going be developed to aid in many medical tasks and procedures. This story from MedGadget is about a robotic device developed at the Fraunhofer Institute that makes positioning for a needle biopsy much easier, accurate and efficient. I can […]

FDA Guidelines for Medical Device Calibration 11/01/2016

Guest post by Edward Simpson, RS Calibration, Inc. In biotech, biopharma and medical device industries, regular calibration is an important part of the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) approval process. Comparing measurements from a test device against a known reference or standard helps reduce measurement uncertainty and errors, bringing instruments within an accepted accuracy […]

Selling Solutions along with Devices 10/27/2016

Large med tech companies are offering education and training in support of their device products. We are at the beginning stages of a change whereby companies are considering how they can add value beyond simply offering a better device. Leading edge companies are looking at the entire ecosystem in which their products exist, and what […]

Driverless Cars and Automated Medicine 10/19/2016

Automation is coming to disrupt everyone’s lives. It’s predicted that soon, driverless vehicles will render the truck driving profession obsolete. Many other industries will be affected as well, including medicine. What might this new world look like, and how will we adapt to it? The impact on employment is obvious and will be massive. When […]