More on 3D Printing Medical Devices 05/18/2016

3D printing has been a hot topic for the past several years, with the cost of printers coming down dramatically, to the point where they are becoming a consumer item. Aside from its use for prototyping parts, 3D printing medical devices remains a novelty. Lately, however, there have been some developments with the technology that […]

The Agile Manifesto 05/02/2016

The Agile Manifesto is a story about software development, but its philosophy holds lessons that can apply to medical device design. The Agile Manifesto grew out of frustration with the “waterfall” model of development: 1) Establish requirements 2) Design 3) Implement 4) Verify 5) Maintain Reliance on this model resulted in a lot of attention […]

Therapeutic Touch 04/26/2016

Our sense of touch is a powerful emotional communicator. A gentle stroke, a punch, a pinch, a slap, a pat, a hand held on another’s shoulder – all of these register deeply within us. When we’re anxious or upset, simply being held is universally calming and reassuring. In medicine, the healing power of touch offers […]

Powered by Light 04/19/2016

My prediction that this century is going to be powered by light gets more credence with today’s big story in Wired magazine about Magic Leap. The webs are a-buzz with takes on the Wired article. If you don’t know, Magic Leap is a company that is working on delivering MR – “Mixed Reality”. Their technology […]

3D Printing Medical Devices 04/18/2016

There are beginning to be some meaningful advances in 3D printing that could make it the preferred manufacturing method for many medical devices. This report from the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany announces an additive manufacturing technique that allows multiple materials to be printed to form a single part. Fraunhofer has developed a way to create […]

Smart Fabrics: Next Med Device Frontier 04/06/2016

The Department of Defense is funding research into combining sensors, electronics and power generators into fibers, threads and yarns to produce advanced smart fabrics. According to the press release: “The institute will bring together nontraditional partners to integrate fibers and yarns with integrated circuits, LEDs, solar cells, and other capabilities to create textiles and fabrics […]

Plusing 03/31/2016

Here is an interesting read about creativity from Medical Design & Outsourcing. The most important thing I got from the article is the idea of “Plusing” – a great concept, new to me. Plusing is an aspect of the creative collaboration method that Disney employs. It serves as a way to take individual egos out […]

Flexible Electronics in Medical Devices 03/23/2016

Flexible electronics are about to bring a revolution to medical device design. MC10 has been the pioneer in flexible electronics, and seems close to having a device on the market that utilizes their advantages in interfacing with the human body. Other institutions, such as EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne) are also making strides in advancing the […]

The Century of Light, Continued 03/17/2016

Our ability to harness light energy to control mechanical systems and employ it in many other useful ways continues to grow. I have written how the 21st century will be the century of light. Optogenetics is one of the emerging fields that will have a significant impact in putting the power of light to work. […]

Thought and Gesture 03/02/2016

The way in which we interact with machines is changing. A lot of progress is being made in the area of gesture-based control and in thought-based control – controlling machines with our minds. Knobs and switches are going to give way to hand movement and brain waves. Eye movement and vocal commands are also being […]