Concept Generation


Medical device innovation requires the ability to generate many different concept ideas. That type of creativity is a core competency at Forma Medical Device Design. Outside-of-the-box thinking? For us that is a given.

We document all of our thinking in sketch form. Initially, those sketches will be very rudimentary as we move quickly from one idea to another. At this stage, they’re meant only as place holders for the idea. Only when we’ve exhausted our initial brainstorming efforts will we revisit those first sketches. At that point, we’ll develop all of the promising ideas in more detail, still in sketch form.

We supply our clients with every sketch we do, no matter how rough. Part of the creative process is in seeing relationships among various elements in unusual ways. We view our relationships with our clients as partnerships; a sketch that we’ve abandoned will sometimes spark an entirely new idea from someone looking at it fresh and with a different perspective.