Medical Device Product Development Partners

In our medical device product development practice, we work with a variety of partners to address our clients’ individual needs. Some of the firms that we have worked with in the past:


Device Solutions assists experienced companies to meet their resource needs during critical peak development periods. Utilizing a vast telecom experience, Device Solutions also enables clients with little or no telecom or wireless experience to concentrate on their core expertise, while Device Solutions integrates wireless, GPS, Bluetooth, and other RF capabilities into client products.

Forthright Engineering provides prototype design and product development services to Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and RTP NC. We can integrate with your development organization or provide all of the resources needed for an outsourced project. Our capabilities include the design of consumer, commercial, industrial and medical products as well as the development of custom equipment for laboratory, research or testing applications.

Porticos specializes in Mechanical Product Development. They focus on mechanical engineering of handheld electronics, medical device design and engineering, miniature and ruggedized products and novel product development.