Most of us agree that the continuing growth in the cost of health care must be brought under control. In our efforts to contain those costs, we will see the biggest savings if we can get people to live healthy lifestyles, preventing the need for interventionary care in the first place. Although it is receiving some attention, this Preventative Care model is not getting the focus it should. Let’s face it, most of us love food and hate exercise. We know we should eat less and move more, but that’s hard to do, and it gets harder as we age. So far, no one has figured out a really effective way to incentivize staying healthy. I find it surprising that insurance companies aren’t leading in this. Though some are taking baby steps – offering “points” for everytime you check-in at your gym, for instance – I think much more can be done. With smart phone and sensing technology, it would be easy to set up a program whereby your phone captures the number of calories you burn on the treadmill then uploads it to your health insurance account. In turn, your insurance company should offer reduced rates because you are maintaining your health, which lessens their risk. This is just one example, and I think it’s pretty low-hanging fruit. Staying healthy is hard work and it’s not all that much fun. But I’m sure we can find ways to tip the scale away from that piece of cake and toward another lap around the block. We won’t be able to get health care costs under control until we can get people to keep themselves healthy longer.