I was going to wait until next week to post on the many recent developments that have come to the fore regarding non-invasive sensing of physiological functions and how that will impact medical device design. But this article by Frank Moss from yesterday’s NY Times is too timely not to give a shout-out too. It’s also very apropos to my post yesterday regarding where medicine is heading (P4: Predictive, Preventative, Personalize, Participatory).
By all means read the full article, but here are the money quotes:

“…would enable you to truly understand the impact of your behavior on your health and suggest changes to help prevent illness — by far the most effective way to cut health care costs.”

“The United States should commit to a “moon shot” for consumer health to make this imagined world a reality. In addition to the health benefits, we would gain revenue from exports of consumer health products to countries like China and India, which are likely to become enormous health care markets. And the savings in health care costs could easily amount to a trillion dollars annually, as those costs are now about 18 percent of gross domestic product but could be brought closer in line with the 10 percent typical of modern developed nations.”

Exciting to see more people are picking up on this.