MIT’s Technology Review recently ran a story  about a company that hopes to dramatically increase the speed of analyzing a sequenced genome.

We’ve written in the past about how genome sequencing is getting faster and less expensive, but it still takes a year to do the analysis on the genome to derive any useful information from it. A new approach centers on using cloud computing to help process raw data into a gentic profile. Uploading the data to a cloud-based service is problematic in itself however, because the data generated by genome sequencing is enormous.

Bina Technologies  has developed a machine and software that reduces the 300 gigabytes of human genome data into a few hundred megabytes of genetic information. Bina’s machine can then upload a compressed dataset to Bina’s cloud service for storing, sharing and further analysis. “The Bina Box can do the initial heavy liftng and make the data small enough to send to the cloud” – Bani Asadi, founder of Bina.

We expect that advancements in genome analysis methods will continue until analysis is able to be done as quickly as sequencing. Once that happens, we’ll see amazing advances in medicine.