The future of medical device design lies in harnessing the massive amounts of health data that will be generated in the coming years. Other take-aways from the 2012 CONVERGE Summitfor Healthcare Innovation:

  • Business models will need to change. Healthcare players are moving to expand their reach within the continuum of care.
  • Improving patient outcomes: all value will come from this. “No outcome, no income” – Dr. David B. Nash, Dean, Jefferson School of Population Health.
  • Patients will be demanding access and control of their own health data.
  • Patients will be looking for complete solutions to their health problems.
  • Innovation is needed in the process of care delivery. Companies will be able to creat margins out of reducing waste in the system.
  • Personalized medicine will continue to advance, aided by the plethora of health and genome data that will be available.
  • The mobile health solutions market will continue to grow, supported by patient self-monitoring and by the access to healthcare than M-health enables, especially in developing countries.

Next time, we’ll get into the details.