Medical device design is at the forefront of commercializing radical new technologies.  A little over two years ago, we posted about new technologies that were being developed to monitor blood glucose levels non-invasively . Now, C8 MediSensors,  has incorporated one of those technologies – Raman Spectroscopy – into a device that has received CE approval.

“Our technique involves shining a monochromatic light source into the skin and detecting the scattered light. The colors generated by Raman scattering are very specific to the exact chemical structure of the molecules in the sample. The molecules’ various shapes, sizes, atoms, and types of chemical bonds will generate unique Raman spectra, a unique Raman “fingerprint” that can be used to non-invasively read and measure glucose.”

Read more at Medgaget.

It’s exciting to see such fantastic technologies making their way into approved commercial devices – moving out of the lab and into practical use. I’m sure there will be more to come.