design and healthcareI have written on several occasions in the past about how hospitals will be leaders in medical device design.

More support for that hypothesis comes from Today’s Medical Developments and the University of Pennsylvania.

Medical schools are realizing that design is the primary driver in the way people experience all aspects of the healthcare system, from the environments in which they receive treatment to the devices and instruments that are used to treat them.

Penn is introducing design methodology to med students as part of their curriculum. At the link highlighted, you can listen to a podcast or read a transcript.

Reading the transcript, the leaders of the initiative at Penn come off as rather breathless in their enthusiasm. Thankfully, they refer to “design thinking” – the business buzzword flavor du jour – only a few times. But it is encouraging to see healthcare professionals beginning to recognize how important design is. It is also encouraging that they understand that those on the front lines of healthcare delivery – the ones dealing with problems day-to-day – are those that can have the biggest impact in devising solutions through better design.