IEP Group, a maker of drug-delivery devices, developed a system that would allow steroid drugs to be delivered to asthma sufferers in a dramatically more effective manner. The system incorporated precision geometry in the design to control the airstream inhaled by the patient, resulting in greater delivery of medication into the deep lung. The existing prototype with which we started had approximately two-dozen components.

Because the device would be supplied (free) with every prescription, the cost to manufacture the device had to be kept as low as possible. The precision geometry critical to the prototype’s function had to be incorporated into a product that could be manufactured cost-effectively in large quantities.


Forma created a method of combining multiple prototype components into a single molded part, ensuring that the dimension most critical to the mechanism’s successful operation was tightly controlled during manufacturing and assembly.

Styling elements brand the device and provide a visual reference to the easy-flowing nature of the product’s end result.


By significantly reducing part count, the design achieved the stringent cost targets originally established. At the same time, clever part design ensured the reliability of critical functionality of the device.