MannKind Corporation


MannKind Corporation was developing a system to administer insulin via inhalation. The system consisted of both a drug formulation and an associated device that allows the insulin to be inhaled safely and effectively. The company had a prototype device that met their functional requirements, but which lacked a strong aesthetic identity. They were looking for a range of inhaler designs that would all use the delivery technology they had developed but which MannKind could license to various pharmaceutical partners as a proprietary design for each partner’s drug.


Forma developed many different inhaler forms with different aesthetic characteristics. Above all, the device had to be portable and discreet.


Together with MannKind, we tested prototype devices with diabetes patients at numerous locations across the U.S. Users were excited about the technology and about the device embodiments, which would allow them to discreetly take their insulin even in a restaurant without having to leave the table.