Medical Device Design and Value-Based Care

Value-based care has been proposed as a way to lower healthcare costs while improving outcomes. Attention to this model seems to be growing. The New England Journal of Medicine has an excellent overview on value-based healthcare. Medical device design can have an impact on the successful transition to a value-based model. One way that medical [...]

Needle Free Medical Device

We all know that one person, the one who gets squeamish around needles and blood. They see the needle or the blood being drawn, and their face goes pale while their eyes get huge. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t like needles going inside me anymore than the next person. My arm veins actually [...]

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Getting Paid to be Healthy

Here is a fresh article from Treehugger about a clever idea out of Russia: Do 30 squats and get free subway fare. It seems like a great way to incentivize people to exercise. I would certainly exercise more if I got paid for it.

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Will Medical Device Design and Development be Led by Hospitals?

A number of hospital systems are establishing centers to help launch med-tech startups. The Cleveland Clinic is a pioneer in this area, with their Innovations Center. St Joseph Health has just launched the Innovation Institute, the heart of which is the Innovation Lab, which will incubate inventions that have come from the health system’s staff. [...]

Taking Charge

Taking responsibility for your own well being is going to be almost mandatory in the future. No longer will we have the luxury of being passive consumers of healthcare managed and directed by others. Preventative healthcare will be extremely important. We will need to be active participants in our own care, and we will need [...]

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Health Care’s Future

Medtech Insider points to a study just released by Ernst & Young that provides more evidence that what we have been saying for some time now is gaining acceptance: the best way to drive down health care costs is to engage in preventative care so that people remain healthy longer. The E&Y report emphasizes that [...]

A Systems Approach to Health Care

Microsoft and GE recently announced partnership in their “Caradigm” venture, scheduled to launch in 2012. From the press release: “Caradigm will be aimed at driving a paradigm shift in the delivery of care by enabling health systems and professionals to use real-time, systemwide intelligence to improve healthcare quality and the patient experience. Upon formation, the [...]

You Will Need to Take Care of Your Own

Your own health, that is. The days of trusting your care solely to your doctor is quickly coming to an end. We’ve been saying this for awhile, but more and more people are picking up on the fact that patients will need to become partners in their own health care. Medical insurance premiums are not [...]

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What Health Care Will Look Like

In the coming years, we will be hearing a lot about coordination of care. Two recent items highlight this trend. First, is the concept of the patient-centered medical home (PCMH). Basically, the PMCH model calls for each patient to be under the care of a personal physician who is responsible for coordinating that patient’s care [...]

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What’s Hot Now

More and more devices are showing up that track your vital signs, calories burned, etc. etc. As we’ve been predicting, personal informatics is gaining ground in the popular culture as a means of staying healthy. This is a subset of the move toward preventative care, which will become more and more important as the costs [...]