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Medical product design and brand language for Advanced Liquid Logic

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medical device design

Medical device design of metered dose inhaler for IEP Group

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Medical industrial design of insulin inhaler for MannKind

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Choosing Medical Product Colors

Color is one of the most important things in our lives. Colors affect us emotionally and psychologically, often to a degree that we are not even aware of. I would guess that almost everyone has a favorite color.


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The Use of Color in Medical Product Design

Even for medical products, where proper and robust function is paramount, color plays an important role in device design. How can you make color choices intelligently?

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Medical Product Design and Cognitive Psychology

Medical product design has a lot to do with embodying devices with characteristics that make them easy to understand and to use. To do this effectively, designers must understand perception and cognition: how we sense the world, how those sensations are interpreted by our brains and how we think about what it is we perceive.

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